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From: Max Rothman <>
To: Junio C Hamano <>
Subject: Re: [PATCH] completion: add missing completions for log, diff, show
Date: Tue, 7 Nov 2017 22:30:05 -0500
Message-ID: <> (raw)
In-Reply-To: <>

>> Teach git-log tab completion about the --no-* options for ease of use
>> at the command line.
>> Similarly, teach git-show tab completion about the --no-abbrev-commit,
>> --expand-tabs, and --no-expand-tabs options.
>> Also, teach git-diff (and all commands that use its options) tab
>> completion about the --textconv and --indent-heuristic families of
>> options. --indent-heuristic is no longer experimental, so there's no
>> reason it should be left out of tab completion any more, and textconv
>> seems to have simply been missed.
> A couple of things that I found questionable in the above
> descriptions are:
>  * We do not write git subcommand names like git-foo these days, as
>    nobody type them like so.

My bad, that's still how they're named when using manpages, so that's
what my muscle memory did.

>  * The patch is not teaching git-foo about completing its options.
>    It teaches the bash completion about options for git subcommands
>    it did not know about.
> So perhaps
>         The bash completion script knows some options to the "git
>         log" only in the positive form (e.g. "--abbrev-commit") but
>         not in their negated form (e.g. "--no-abbrev-commit").  Add
>         them.
> and similar?

How about this:

The bash completion script knows some options to "git log" and
"git show" only in the positive form, (e.g. "--abbrev-commit"), but not
in their negative form (e.g. "--no-abbrev-commit"). Adds them.

Also, the bash completion script is missing some other options to
"git diff", and "git show" (and thus, all other commands that take
"git diff"'s options). Adds them. Of note, since "--indent-heuristic" is
no longer experimental, adds that too.

>> ---
> Missed sign-off?

Whoops, there doesn't seem to be a way to add that separately from the
commit message in the submitGit interface. I'll try adding it, but
gmail might turn all the tabs into spaces, so if it does, I'll try to
figure out how to resubmit.

>> @@ -1759,16 +1765,19 @@ _git_log ()
>> ...
>> -                     --decorate --decorate=
>> +                     --decorate --decorate= --no-decorate
>> ...
>> @@ -2816,8 +2825,9 @@ _git_show ()
>>               return
>>               ;;
>>       --*)
>> -             __gitcomp "--pretty= --format= --abbrev-commit --oneline
>> -                     --show-signature
>> +             __gitcomp "--pretty= --format= --abbrev-commit --no-abbrev-commit
>> +                     --oneline --show-signature --patch
>> +                     --expand-tabs --expand-tabs= --no-expand-tabs
>>                       $__git_diff_common_options
>>                       "
>>               return
> It's a bit sad that the completion support does not know that "git
> show" belongs to the "git log" family of commands.  A consequence of
> this is that "git show --no-decorate" is perfectly acceptable but
> needs to be taught separately to _git_show if we wanted to.
> Perhaps some selected options _git_log understands may need to be
> split $__git_log_ui_common_options [*1*], like we do for "git diff"
> family with $__git_diff_common_options, and shared between _git_log
> and _git_show.
> I am mentioning this primarily as #leftoverbits and I do not want to
> see such a change mixed into this patch, as it is totally outside
> the scope of it.  It is (if you are inclined to do so) OK to make
> this into two patch series, with 1/2 doing such a refactoring
> without changing any externally visible functionality (i.e. just
> move the ones _git_show knows about to $__git_log_ui_common_options,
> and have _git_show and _git_log use it), and 2/2 adding more options
> to that list to achieve what you wanted to do with this patch, though.

I think I'll stick with this patch for now (it's my first!), but I
might come around and do refactoring in a second pass.


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