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From: "Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason" <>
To: Git mailing list <>
Cc: Junio C Hamano <>, Jeff King <>
Subject: Git packs friendly to block-level deduplication
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2018 23:03:47 +0100	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)

If you have a bunch of git repositories cloned of the same project on
the same filesystem, it would be nice of the packs that are produced
would be friendly to block-level deduplication.

This would save space, and the blocks would be more likely to be in
cache when you access them, likely speeding up git operations even if
the packing itself is less efficient.

Here's a hacky one-liner that clones git/git and peff/git (almost the
same content) and md5sums each 4k packed block, and sort | uniq -c's
them to see how many are the same:

       cd /tmp &&
       rm -rf git*;
       git clone --reference ~/g/git --dissociate git1 &&
       git clone --reference ~/g/git --dissociate git2 &&
       for repo in git1 git2
               cd $repo &&
               git repack -A -d --max-pack-size=10m
       done &&
       parallel "perl -MDigest::MD5=md5_hex -wE 'open my \$fh, q[<], shift; my \$s; while (read \$fh, \$s, 2**12) { say md5_hex(\$s) }' {}" ::: \
           $(find /tmp/git*/.git/objects/pack -type f)|sort|uniq -c|sort -nr|awk '{print $1}'|sort|uniq -c|sort -nr

This produces a total of 0 blocks that are the same. If after the repack
we throw this in there after the repack:

    echo 5be1f00a9a | git pack-objects --no-reuse-delta --no-reuse-object --revs .git/objects/pack/manual

Just over 8% of the blocks are the same, and of course this pack
entirely duplicates the existing packs, and I don't know how to coerce
repack/pack-objects into keeping this manual-* pack and re-packing the
rest, removing any objects that exist in the manual-* pack.

Documentation/technical/pack-heuristics.txt goes over some of the ideas
behind the algorithm, and Junio's 1b4bb16b9e ("pack-objects: optimize
"recency order"", 2011-06-30) seems to be the last major tweak to it.

I couldn't find any references to someone trying to get this particular
use-case working on-list. I.e. to pack different repositories with a
shared history in such a way as to optimize for getting the most amount
of identical blocks within packs.

It should be possible to produce such a pack, e.g. by having a repack
mode that would say:

 1. Find what the main branch is
 2. Get its commits in reverse order, produce packs of some chunk-size
    of commit batches.
 3. Pack all the remaining content

This would delta much less efficiently, but as noted above the
block-level deduplication might make up for it, and in any case some
might want to use less disk space.

Has anyone here barked up this tree before? Suggestions? Tips on where
to start hacking the repack code to accomplish this would be most

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