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From: "SZEDER Gábor" <>
To: Jeff Hostetler <>
Cc: Junio C Hamano <>,
	Jeff Hostetler <>,,
Subject: Re: [CI]: Is t7527 known to be flakey?
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2023 22:12:44 +0100	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)
In-Reply-To: <>

On Wed, Jan 25, 2023 at 02:02:40PM -0500, Jeff Hostetler wrote:
> Can you tell from your stess test whether the fsmonitor-daemon
> is crashing?  (It might be subtle since the daemon is auto-started
> if necessary, so it might be crashing and silently getting restarted
> by the next command.)
> I ask because a SIGPIPE in the client would make me think that the
> server suddenly closed the connection unexpectedly, like if it had
> SIGSEGV'd or something.

Last time around I only looked at the failing test case, and didn't
notice anything that might have indicated the cause of the SIGPIPE.
This time I chanced to look a bit further up in the test log, and:

  expecting success of 7527.55 'Matrix[uc:true][fsm:true] move_directory_contents_deeper':
                  matrix_clean_up_repo &&
                  $fn &&
                  if test $uc = false && test $fsm = false
                          git status --porcelain=v1 >.git/expect.$fn
                          git status --porcelain=v1 >.git/actual.$fn &&
                          test_cmp .git/expect.$fn .git/actual.$fn
  + matrix_clean_up_repo
  + git reset --hard HEAD
  HEAD is now at 1d1edcb initial
  + git clean -fd
  + move_directory_contents_deeper
  + mkdir T1/_new_
  + mv T1/F1 T1/F2 T1/T2 T1/_new_
  + test true = false
  + git status --porcelain=v1
  error: read error: Connection reset by peer
  error: could not read IPC response
  + test_cmp .git/expect.move_directory_contents_deeper .git/actual.move_directory_contents_deeper
  + test 2 -ne 2
  + eval diff -u "$@"
  + diff -u .git/expect.move_directory_contents_deeper .git/actual.move_directory_contents_deeper
  ok 55 - Matrix[uc:true][fsm:true] move_directory_contents_deeper
  expecting success of 7527.56 'Matrix[uc:true][fsm:true] move_directory_up':
                  matrix_clean_up_repo &&
                  $fn &&
                  if test $uc = false && test $fsm = false
                          git status --porcelain=v1 >.git/expect.$fn
                          git status --porcelain=v1 >.git/actual.$fn &&
                          test_cmp .git/expect.$fn .git/actual.$fn
  + matrix_clean_up_repo
  + git reset --hard HEAD
  HEAD is now at 1d1edcb initial
  + git clean -fd
  Removing T1/_new_/
  + move_directory_up
  + mv T1/T2/T3 T1
  + test true = false
  + git status --porcelain=v1
  error: last command exited with $?=141
  not ok 56 - Matrix[uc:true][fsm:true] move_directory_up

Notice that "error: read error: Connection reset by peer" in the
previous, still successful test case!  I ran it a couple of times, and
saw the same error message in the still successful '42 -
Matrix[uc:false][fsm:true] move_directory_contents_deeper' followed by
a SIGPIPE caused failure in the next test case.  And now that I knew
what to look for, I noticed this error message in the very first test
failure I reported the other day, which didn't fail because of
SIGPIPE, and in that case the error message was printed in the failed
test case.

And there were a few cases that failed because of SIGPIPE but there
were no error messages at all.

I can't say what caused these errors, but I doubt that anything
segfaulted, because segfaults are logged in syslog, and I haven't
found any such syslog entries coinciding with stress testing.

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