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From: Christian Couder <>
Cc: Junio C Hamano <>,
	John Cai <>,
	Jonathan Tan <>,
	Jonathan Nieder <>,
	Taylor Blau <>, Derrick Stolee <>,
	Christian Couder <>
Subject: [PATCH v3 0/2] Implement filtering repacks
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2022 18:51:48 +0100	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <> (raw)
In-Reply-To: <>

Earlier this year, John Cai sent 2 versions of a patch series to
implement `git repack --filter=<filter-spec>`:

We tried to "sell" it as a way to use partial clone on a Git server to
offload large blobs to, for example, an http server, while using
multiple promisor remotes on the client side.

Even though it is still our end goal, it seems a bit far fetched for
now and unnecessary as `git repack --filter=<filter-spec>` could be
useful on the client side too.

For example one might want to clone with a filter to avoid too many
space to be taken by some large blobs, and one might realize after
some time that a number of the large blobs have still be downloaded
because some old branches referencing them were checked out. In this
case a filtering repack could remove some of those large blobs.

Some of the comments on the patch series that John sent were related
to the possible data loss and repo corruption that a filtering repack
could cause. It's indeed true that it could be very dangerous, so the
first version of this patch series asked the user to confirm the
command, either by answering 'Y' on the command line or by passing

In the discussion with Junio following that first version though, it
appeared that asking for such confirmation might not be necessary, so
the v2 removed those checks. Taylor though asked what would happen to
the remote.<name>.promisor and remote.<name>.partialclonefilter config
variables when a filtering repack is run. I replied that it seems to
me that we should just check that a promisor remote has been
configured and fail if that's not the case.

In the discussions with Junio and Taylor following the first and
second versions, Junio suggested adding `--filter=<filter-spec>` to
`git gc` and I am still Ok with doing it, either later in a followup
patch or in a v4. I haven't done it yet, as it's not clear how to
implement it efficiently only in `git gc`.

`git gc` is already running `git repack` when it's passed some options
(either on the command line or via the config), so it would be just
simpler for `git gc` to just pass on the --filter=<filter-spec> it
would be given to `git repack`. If `git gc` would implement that by
calling `git pack-objects` directly, then `git pack-objects` would
possibly be called twice from `git gc`: once throught `git repack` and
once triggered by the --filter option.

So the only changes in this v3 compared to v2 are the following:

  - rebased on top of a0789512c5 (The thirteenth batch, 2022-11-18) to
    avoid a simple conflict,

  - patch 2/2 uses has_promisor_remote() to check if a promisor remote
    is configured and die() otherwise.

Thanks to Junio and Taylor for discussing the v1 and v2, to John Cai,
who worked on the previous versions, to Jonathan Nieder, Jonathan Tan
and Taylor Blau, who discussed this with me at the Git Merge and
Contributor Summit, and to Stolee, Taylor, Robert Coup and Junio who
discussed the versions John sent.

Range diff with v2:

1:  d1c65ff1f5 = 1:  1e64cac782 pack-objects: allow --filter without --stdout
2:  ac21b4ec8f ! 2:  7216a7bc05 repack: add --filter=<filter-spec> option
    @@ Commit message
         repo unless ALL the removed objects aren't already available in
         another remote that clients can access.
    +    To mitigate that risk, we check that a promisor remote has at
    +    least been configured.
         Signed-off-by: John Cai <>
         Signed-off-by: Christian Couder <>
    @@ builtin/repack.c: static void prepare_pack_objects(struct child_process *cmd,
        if (args->no_reuse_delta)
                strvec_pushf(&cmd->args, "--no-reuse-delta");
        if (args->no_reuse_object)
    -@@ builtin/repack.c: static unsigned populate_pack_exts(char *name)
    -   return ret;
    +@@ builtin/repack.c: static struct generated_pack_data *populate_pack_exts(const char *name)
    +   return data;
     +static void write_promisor_file_1(char *p)
    @@ builtin/repack.c: static void repack_promisor_objects(const struct pack_objects_
     -          write_promisor_file(promisor_name, NULL, 0);
     +          write_promisor_file_1(line.buf);
    -           item->util = (void *)(uintptr_t)populate_pack_exts(item->string);
    +           item->util = populate_pack_exts(item->string);
     -          free(promisor_name);
    @@ builtin/repack.c: int cmd_repack(int argc, const char **argv, const char *prefix
                OPT_BOOL(0, "pack-kept-objects", &pack_kept_objects,
                                N_("repack objects in packs marked with .keep")),
                OPT_STRING_LIST(0, "keep-pack", &keep_pack_list, N_("name"),
    +@@ builtin/repack.c: int cmd_repack(int argc, const char **argv, const char *prefix)
    +                   die(_("options '%s' and '%s' cannot be used together"), "--cruft", "-k");
    +   }
    ++  if (po_args.filter && !has_promisor_remote())
    ++          die("a promisor remote must be setup\n"
    ++              "Also please push all the objects "
    ++              "that might be filtered to that remote!\n"
    ++              "Otherwise they will be lost!");
    +   if (write_bitmaps < 0) {
    +           if (!write_midx &&
    +               (!(pack_everything & ALL_INTO_ONE) || !is_bare_repository()))
     @@ builtin/repack.c: int cmd_repack(int argc, const char **argv, const char *prefix)
                if (line.len != the_hash_algo->hexsz)
                        die(_("repack: Expecting full hex object ID lines only from pack-objects."));
    -           string_list_append(&names, line.buf);
    +           item = string_list_append(&names, line.buf);
     +          if (po_args.filter)
     +                  write_promisor_file_1(line.buf);
    +           item->util = populate_pack_exts(item->string);
    -   ret = finish_command(&cmd);
      ## t/ ##
     @@ t/ test_expect_success 'auto-bitmaps do not complain if unavailable' '

Christian Couder (2):
  pack-objects: allow --filter without --stdout
  repack: add --filter=<filter-spec> option

 Documentation/git-repack.txt |  8 ++++++++
 builtin/pack-objects.c       |  6 +-----
 builtin/repack.c             | 28 +++++++++++++++++++++-------
 t/            | 15 +++++++++++++++
 4 files changed, 45 insertions(+), 12 deletions(-)


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