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From: Dave Huseby <>
Subject: [PATCH v3] doc: writing down Git mailing list etiquette
Date: Wed, 12 May 2021 16:34:12 -0700	[thread overview]
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After violating a few unspoken etiquette rules while submitting patches
to the Git mailing list, it was suggeted that somebody write a guide.
Since I was the latest cause of this perenial discussion, I took it upon
myself to learn from my mistakes and document the Git mailing list
etiquette and the fixes I made to my email setup.

* Add documentation specifically on Git mailing list etiquette
* Add alternative actions for patches that receive no response.
* Add section on submitting a final, merge-ready patch.
* Add section on Mutt MUA settings.

Reported-by: Christian Couder <>
Reported-by: Filipe Contreras <>
Thanks-to: Junio C Hamano <>
Thanks-to: Philip Oakley <>
Thanks-to: Bagas Sanjaya <>
Thanks-to: Eric Sunshine <>
Thanks-to: Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason <>
Signed-off-by: Dave Huseby <>
 Documentation/MailingListEtiquette.txt | 93 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 Documentation/SubmittingPatches        | 74 +++++++++++++++++++-
 2 files changed, 166 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)
 create mode 100644 Documentation/MailingListEtiquette.txt

diff --git a/Documentation/MailingListEtiquette.txt b/Documentation/MailingListEtiquette.txt
new file mode 100644
index 0000000000..8a383f81a8
--- /dev/null
+++ b/Documentation/MailingListEtiquette.txt
@@ -0,0 +1,93 @@
+Mailing List Etiquette
+== Introduction
+The Git project uses a mailing list and email to coordinate development and
+submit patches. Many other open source projects use web-based forums and pull
+requests (PRs) to achieve the same thing. This article focuses entirely on the
+Git project and the etiquette and unspoken rules that have developed over the
+years. What follows are best practices and suggestions for the "proper" way to
+interact via email on the Git mailing list.
+If you are looking for details on how to submit a patch, that is documented
+elsewhere in:
+- `Documentation/SubmittingPatches`
+- `Documentation/MyFirstContribution.txt`
+== Proper Use of To and Cc
+The "To:" field is the place to list the people you want to directly interact
+with and request responses from and the "Cc:" field is for other people that
+you wish to inform of this conversation. Everybody is welcome to chime in on
+the thread. When there is no particular person you wish to talk to, the mailing
+list address is a good catch-all addres to reach everybody and should be put in
+the "To:" field.
+When replying to an email on the mailing list, put the person you are replying
+to in the "To:" field and all other people in the thread in the "Cc:" field,
+including the mailing list address.
+The motivation for the above suggestions is to allow recipients to prioritize
+their incoming messages; they can direct their immediate attention to those
+messages with their names on the "To:" field and the ones with their names on
+the "Cc:" field can wait.
+Make sure to keep everyone involved in the "Cc:" field so that they do not have
+to be subscribed to the mailing list to receive replies.
+== Proper Use of the Subject
+When replying to an email on the list, make sure that the subject of the
+original email is the subject of your email with "Re:" added to it. So if
+you reply to an email with subject "first post", the subject of your email
+should be "Re: first post".
+Sometimes email threads diverge into other threads about related, but distinct
+topics. In those cases, the subject like should change to the new topic and
+include in parenthesis "(Was: <original thread subject>)". So for instance,
+if a side thread is created from the "first post" thread example, the subject
+line should be something like "second post (was: first post)" with replies
+having the subject "Re: second post (was: first post)".
+== Use Interleaved Style in Replies
+> A: Because it messes up the order in which people normally read text.
+> Q: Why is top-posting such a bad thing?
+> A: Top-posting.
+> Q: What is the most annoying thing in email?
+When replying to emails, use interleaved style which is also sometimes called
+an "inline reply". This creates a natural flow for the reader of the reply. They
+can easily see what the context for the reply is. Also leave only the context
+that is important for your reply and delete the rest.
+== Do Not Use Mail-Followup-To
+When posting to the mailing list, your email client might add a
+"Mail-Followup-To:" field containing all of the recipients, including the
+mailing list address, but not the sender's email address. This is intended to
+prevent the sender from receiving replies twice, once from the replying person
+and again from the mailing list.
+This goes directly against the desired "To:" and "Cc:" etiquette (see "Proper
+Use of To and Cc" above) because "Reply to all"/"group reply" will redirect the
+response to all of the people in the original "Cc:" field instead of going to
+the person who sent the message being responded to.
+Some email clients, such as Mutt (see Disable Mail-Followup-To in the Mutt
+section below) are configured by default to add "Mail-Followup-To:" fields and
+to honor existing "Mail-Followup-To:" fields. It is best to disable both.
+== Enable Plain Text Mode
+The Git mailing list software rejects email sent in text/html format. It is
+important that your email client is set to create text/plain emails to ensure
diff --git a/Documentation/SubmittingPatches b/Documentation/SubmittingPatches
index 55287d72e0..4f8b9f24ee 100644
--- a/Documentation/SubmittingPatches
+++ b/Documentation/SubmittingPatches
@@ -433,7 +433,7 @@ help you find out who they are.
 In any time between the (2)-(3) cycle, the maintainer may pick it up
 from the list and queue it to `seen`, in order to make it easier for
-people play with it without having to pick up and apply the patch to
+people to play with it without having to pick up and apply the patch to
 their trees themselves.
@@ -450,6 +450,46 @@ their trees themselves.
   entitled "What's cooking in git.git" and "What's in git.git" giving
   the status of various proposed changes.
+== Patches that Receive No Response
+If you sent a patch and you did not hear any response from anybody for
+several days, it could be that your patch was totally uninteresting,
+but it also is possible that it was simply lost in the noise.  Please
+do not hesitate to send a reminder message in such a case.  Messages
+getting lost in the noise may be a sign that those who can evaluate
+your patch don't have enough mental/time bandwidth to process them
+right at the moment, and it often helps to wait until the list traffic
+becomes calmer before sending such a reminder.
+Alternatives to sending direct reminders are:
+* Wait for the next "What's cooking in git.git" email to see if your patch
+  series was mentioned and replying to that email with a note pointing out that
+  your patch series has been overlooked.
+* Attend the weekly "stand-up" meeting held in the "#git-devel" channel on
+ and bring it up then.
+== Send Merge-Ready Patches to the Maintainer
+Once a patch has achieved consensus and all stakeholders are satisfied and
+everything is ready for merging, you have two main options for getting your
+patch noticed by the maintainer.
+1. Submit a new, final, version of the patch with an accurate list of commit
+   trailers. Make this submission "To:" the maintainer, "In-Reply-To:" the
+   previous version of the patch, and add everybody concerned, including the
+   mailing list address to the "Cc:" field. This is a nice way to reduce the
+   amount of work the maintainer must do to merge the patch while also getting
+   their attention.
+2. Creating a "group reply"/"Reply to all" email to the latest patch series
+   with the maintainer in the "To:" field. This is sometimes referred to as a
+   "review ping" email and is appropriate if the patch requires no more work
+   and is in its final state with an accurate list of commit trailers.
 == GitHub-Travis CI hints
@@ -510,6 +550,38 @@ first patch.\n", if you really want to put in the patch e-mail,
 should come after the three-dash line that signals the end of the
 commit message.
+=== Mutt
+==== Known Mailing Lists
+Mutt has the ability to change its behavior when replying to a mailing list. You
+must specify mailing list addresses using the `subscribe` keyword in your Mutt
+# tell Mutt about the Git mailing list
+==== Disable Mail-Followup-To
+By default, when replying to mailing lists, Mutt automatically generates
+"Mail-Followup-To:" fields. To fix this, disable the generation of the field
+in your Mutt configuration. It is also a good idea to disable honoring any
+"Mail-Followup-To:" field so that your "group reply" operations are correctly
+# disable Mail-Followup-To header
+unset followup_to
+# disable honoring Mail-Followup-To header
+unset honor_followup_to
 === Pine

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