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* [PATCH] gitk: add diff lines background colors
@ 2020-02-11 21:24 Stefan Dotterweich
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From: Stefan Dotterweich @ 2020-02-11 21:24 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: git; +Cc: Paul Mackerras, Stefan Dotterweich

Not using colored background for added and removed lines is a missed
opportunity to make diff lines easier to grasp visually.

Use a subtle red/green background by default. Make the font slightly darker
to improve contrast.

Signed-off-by: Stefan Dotterweich <>
The variable diffcolors seems like a fitting place for the two new colors.
However, adding them to that list causes problems if diffcolors saved in
.gitk then contains three instead of five colors. This could be solved by
modifying the variable after loading .gitk. I'm not sure if that would be
the preferred approach or where to implement a special case like that. To
avoid the problem, I introduced a new variable diffbgcolors.

 gitk | 22 +++++++++++++++++++---
 1 file changed, 19 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

diff --git a/gitk b/gitk
index da84e22..66c237a 100755
--- a/gitk
+++ b/gitk
@@ -2073,7 +2073,7 @@ proc makewindow {} {
     global rowctxmenu fakerowmenu mergemax wrapcomment
     global highlight_files gdttype
     global searchstring sstring
-    global bgcolor fgcolor bglist fglist diffcolors selectbgcolor
+    global bgcolor fgcolor bglist fglist diffcolors diffbgcolors selectbgcolor
     global uifgcolor uifgdisabledcolor
     global filesepbgcolor filesepfgcolor
     global mergecolors foundbgcolor currentsearchhitbgcolor
@@ -2434,7 +2434,9 @@ proc makewindow {} {
     $ctext tag conf filesep -font textfontbold -fore $filesepfgcolor -back $filesepbgcolor
     $ctext tag conf hunksep -fore [lindex $diffcolors 2]
     $ctext tag conf d0 -fore [lindex $diffcolors 0]
+    $ctext tag conf d0 -back [lindex $diffbgcolors 0]
     $ctext tag conf dresult -fore [lindex $diffcolors 1]
+    $ctext tag conf dresult -back [lindex $diffbgcolors 1]
     $ctext tag conf m0 -fore [lindex $mergecolors 0]
     $ctext tag conf m1 -fore [lindex $mergecolors 1]
     $ctext tag conf m2 -fore [lindex $mergecolors 2]
@@ -11607,6 +11609,7 @@ proc prefspage_general {notebook} {

 proc prefspage_colors {notebook} {
     global NS uicolor bgcolor fgcolor ctext diffcolors selectbgcolor markbgcolor
+    global diffbgcolors

     set page [create_prefs_page $notebook.colors]

@@ -11629,11 +11632,23 @@ proc prefspage_colors {notebook} {
 	-command [list choosecolor diffcolors 0 $page.diffold [mc "diff old lines"] \
 		      [list $ctext tag conf d0 -foreground]]
     grid x $page.diffoldbut $page.diffold -sticky w
+    label $page.diffoldbg -padx 40 -relief sunk -background [lindex $diffbgcolors 0]
+    ${NS}::button $page.diffoldbgbut -text [mc "Diff: old lines bg"] \
+	-command [list choosecolor diffbgcolors 0 $page.diffoldbg \
+		      [mc "diff old lines bg"] \
+		      [list $ctext tag conf d0 -background]]
+    grid x $page.diffoldbgbut $page.diffoldbg -sticky w
     label $page.diffnew -padx 40 -relief sunk -background [lindex $diffcolors 1]
     ${NS}::button $page.diffnewbut -text [mc "Diff: new lines"] \
 	-command [list choosecolor diffcolors 1 $page.diffnew [mc "diff new lines"] \
 		      [list $ctext tag conf dresult -foreground]]
     grid x $page.diffnewbut $page.diffnew -sticky w
+    label $page.diffnewbg -padx 40 -relief sunk -background [lindex $diffbgcolors 1]
+    ${NS}::button $page.diffnewbgbut -text [mc "Diff: new lines bg"] \
+	-command [list choosecolor diffbgcolors 1 $page.diffnewbg \
+		      [mc "diff new lines bg"] \
+		      [list $ctext tag conf dresult -background]]
+    grid x $page.diffnewbgbut $page.diffnewbg -sticky w
     label $page.hunksep -padx 40 -relief sunk -background [lindex $diffcolors 2]
     ${NS}::button $page.hunksepbut -text [mc "Diff: hunk header"] \
 	-command [list choosecolor diffcolors 2 $page.hunksep \
@@ -12377,7 +12392,8 @@ if {[tk windowingsystem] eq "win32"} {
 	set web_browser "xdg-open"
-set diffcolors {red "#00a000" blue}
+set diffcolors {"#c30000" "#009800" blue}
+set diffbgcolors {"#fff3f3" "#f0fff0"}
 set diffcontext 3
 set mergecolors {red blue "#00ff00" purple brown "#009090" magenta "#808000" "#009000" "#ff0080" cyan "#b07070" "#70b0f0" "#70f0b0" "#f0b070" "#ff70b0"}
 set ignorespace 0
@@ -12448,7 +12464,7 @@ set config_variables {
     remotebgcolor tagbgcolor tagfgcolor tagoutlinecolor reflinecolor
     filesepbgcolor filesepfgcolor linehoverbgcolor linehoverfgcolor
     linehoveroutlinecolor mainheadcirclecolor workingfilescirclecolor
-    indexcirclecolor circlecolors linkfgcolor circleoutlinecolor
+    indexcirclecolor circlecolors linkfgcolor circleoutlinecolor diffbgcolors
 foreach var $config_variables {

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2020-02-11 21:24 [PATCH] gitk: add diff lines background colors Stefan Dotterweich list mirror (unofficial, one of many)

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