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From: "Randall S. Becker" <>
To: "'Max Kirillov'" <>
Cc: "'Johannes Schindelin via GitGitGadget'" <>,
	<>, "'Junio C Hamano'" <>
Subject: RE: [PATCH 0/1] Fix hang in t5562, introduced in v2.21.0-rc1 (stack traces inside)
Date: Thu, 14 Feb 2019 18:33:56 -0500	[thread overview]
Message-ID: <005b01d4c4bd$c5026ac0$4f074040$> (raw)

On February 14, 2019 17:34, Max Kirillov wrote:
> To: Randall S. Becker <>
> Cc: 'Johannes Schindelin via GitGitGadget' <>;
>; 'Junio C Hamano' <>; 'Max Kirillov'
> <>
> Subject: Re: [PATCH 0/1] Fix hang in t5562, introduced in v2.21.0-rc1
> On Thu, Feb 14, 2019 at 05:17:26PM -0500, Randall S. Becker wrote:
> > Unfortunately, subtest 13 still hangs on NonStop, even with this
> > patch, so our Pipeline still hangs. I'm glad it's better on Azure, but
> > I don't think this actually addresses the root cause of the hang. This
> > is now the fourth attempt at fixing this. Is it possible this is not
> > the test that is failing, but actually the git-http-backend? The code
> > is not in a loop, if that helps. It is not consuming any significant
> > cycles. I don't know that part of the code at all, sadly. The code is
> > here:
> >
> > * in the operating system from here up *
> >   cleanup_children + 0x5D0 (UCr)
> ... so does the process which the stack was taken from has any children
> processes still?
> I could imagine if a child somehow manages to end up in uninterruptible
> sleep, then probably it would never complete this way, wouldn't it?

Here is the full set of traces (from subtest 6, which just hung). There are
no I/O errors reported on any pipe or file descriptor. There is one git
process waiting for a read to occur but no one is doing any writing. Most
processes are sitting in waitpid, except for the initiating git, which is
waiting on a read that never receives data, so everyone is asleep and hung.
The git process sitting in read is reading from a PIPE, not a file.

There are no other processes involved in the test that I can see.

Perl (waiting for output to be read):
  waitpid + 0x130 (SLr)
  $n_EnterPriv + 0x280 (Milli)
  Perl_wait4pid + 0x130 (UCr)
  Perl_my_pclose + 0x4C0 (UCr)
  Perl_io_close + 0x180 (UCr)
  Perl_do_close + 0x620 (UCr)
  Perl_pp_close + 0xA70 (UCr)
  Perl_runops_standard + 0xF0 (UCr)
  S_run_body + 0x870 (UCr)
  perl_run + 0x2D0 (UCr)
  main + 0x3D0 (UCr)

  waitpid + 0x320 (SLr)
  $n_EnterPriv + 0x280 (Milli)
  cleanup_children + 0x5D0 (UCr)
  cleanup_children_on_exit + 0x70 (UCr)
  git_atexit_dispatch + 0x200 (UCr)
  __process_atexit_functions + 0xA0 (DLL zcredll)
  CRE_TERMINATOR_ + 0xB50 (DLL zcredll)
  exit + 0x2A0 (DLL zcrtldll)
  die_webcgi + 0x240 (UCr)
  die_errno + 0x360 (UCr)
  write_or_die + 0x1C0 (UCr)
  end_headers + 0x1A0 (UCr)
  die_webcgi + 0x220 (UCr)
  die + 0x320 (UCr)
  inflate_request + 0x520 (UCr)
  run_service + 0xC20 (UCr)
  service_rpc + 0x530 (UCr)
  cmd_main + 0xD00 (UCr)
  main + 0x190 (UCr)

git (one of them):
  read64_ + 0x140 (SLr)
  $n_EnterPriv + 0x280 (Milli)
  xread + 0x130 (UCr)
  read_in_full + 0x130 (UCr)
  get_packet_data + 0x4B0 (UCr)
  packet_read_with_status + 0x230 (UCr)
  packet_reader_read + 0x310 (UCr)
  receive_needs + 0x300 (UCr)
  upload_pack + 0x680 (UCr)
  cmd_upload_pack + 0x830 (UCr)
  run_builtin + 0x980 (UCr)
  handle_builtin + 0x570 (UCr)
  run_argv + 0x210 (UCr)
  cmd_main + 0x710 (UCr)
  main + 0x190 (UCr)

  waitpid + 0x130 (SLr)
  $n_EnterPriv + 0x280 (Milli)
  waitchld + 0x1F0 (UCr)
  wait_for + 0xFD0 (UCr)
  execute_command_internal + 0x1990 (UCr)
  execute_command + 0xC0 (UCr)
  reader_loop + 0x4F0 (UCr)
  main + 0x1140 (UCr)

git (the other one):
  waitpid + 0x130 (SLr)
  $n_EnterPriv + 0x280 (Milli)
  wait_or_whine + 0xE0 (UCr)
  finish_command + 0x100 (UCr)
  run_command + 0x1F0 (UCr)
  execv_dashed_external + 0x800 (UCr)
  run_argv + 0x250 (UCr)
  cmd_main + 0x710 (UCr)
  main + 0x190 (UCr)

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2019-02-15 12:59   ` Randall S. Becker

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