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From: "Randall S. Becker" <>
To: "'Josef Wolf'" <>, <>
Subject: RE: Need help migrating workflow from svn to git.
Date: Thu, 14 Dec 2017 16:07:15 -0500	[thread overview]
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> On December 14, 2017 8:10 AM, Josef Wolf wrote:
> Subject: Need help migrating workflow from svn to git.
> Hello folks,
> I am wondering whether/how my mode of work for a specific project
> (currently based on SVN) could be transferred to git.
> I have a repository for maintaining configuration of hosts. This
> contains several hundered scripts. Most of those scripts are don't depend
> each other.
> Every machine has a working copy of the repository in a specific
directory. A
> cron job (running every 15 minutes) executes "svn update" and executes the
> scripts which are contained in this working copy.
> This way, I can commit changes to the main repository and all the hosts
> "download" and adopt by executing the newest revision of those scripts.
> (The sripts need to be idempotent, but this is a different topic).
> NORMALLY, there are no local modifications in the working copy. Thus,
> conflicts can not happen. Everything works fine.
> Sometimes, I need to fix a problem on some host or need to implement a
> new feature. For this, I go to the working copy of a host where the change
> needs to be done and start haking. With svn, I don't need to stop the cron
> job. "svn update" will happily merge any in-coming changes and leave alone
> the files which were not modified upstream. Conflicts with my local
> modifications which I am currently hacking on are extremely rare, because
> the scripts are pretty much independent. So I'm pretty much happy with
> mode of operation.
> With git, by contrast, this won't work. Git will refuse to pull anything
as long
> as there are ANY local modifications. The cron job would need to
>    git stash
>    git pull
>    git stash pop
> But this will temporarily remove my local modifications. If I happen to do
> test run at this time, the test run would NOT contain the local
> which I was about to test. Even worse: if I happen to save one of the
> modified files while the modifications are in the stash, the "git stash
pop" will
> definitely cause a conflict, although nothing really changed.
> So, how would I get this workflow with git? Is it possible to emulate the
> behavior of "svn update"?
> Any ideas?

You might want to consider a slight modification to your approach as
Instead of using git pull, use git fetch.
Have each system on its own branch (sys1 = my-sys1-branch, for example) so
you can track who has what.
In your scripts, consider:
git fetch
if nothing changed, done
git status
if no changes, git merge --ff  master && git push origin my-sys1-branch &&
if changes, send an email whining about the changes
your script could then (depending on your environment) git commit -a && git
merge && git push origin my-sys1-branch && done

This would allow you to track the condition of each system at your single
upstream repository. 

Just my $0.02

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-- In my real life, I talk too much.

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