clients and tools related to public-inbox

While public-inbox exposes NNTP and gzipped mboxrd over HTTP,
some public-inbox-specific/aware tools have sprung up.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of them.  Feel free to send
additions, corrections and discussions to
Discussions will be visible from our own public-inbox instance:

Disclaimer: public-inbox itself comes with no warranty or
guarantees; so don't treat any of these links as endorsements,

* l2md - Maildir and procmail importer using C + libgit2

* b4 - helper utility for patch-based workflows

* impibe - Perl script to import v1 or v2 to Maildir

* helpers - various scripts used by *

* grokmirror - git mirroring tool (not public-inbox-specific)

* ssoma - v1 only, abandoned in favor of NNTP

* piem - Emacs tools for working with public-index (and b4)

There's also a bunch of random scripts in the scripts/ directory
of our source tree at:

	git clone