public-inbox (server-side) installation

This is for folks who want to setup their own public-inbox instance.
Clients should see instead
if they want to import mail into their personal inboxes.

TODO: this still needs to be documented better,
also see the scripts/ and sa_config/ directories in the source tree

It should also be possible to use public-inbox with only IMAP
(or even POP(!)) access to a mailbox.

standard MakeMaker installation (Perl)

	perl Makefile.PL
	make test
	make install # root permissions may be needed


* git
* Perl and several modules:    (Debian package name)
  - Date::Parse                libtimedate-perl
  - Email::MIME                libemail-mime-perl
  - Email::MIME::ContentType   libemail-mime-contenttype-perl
  - Encode::MIME::Header       perl

Optional components:

* MTA - postfix is recommended (for public-inbox-mda)
* SpamAssassin (spamc/spamd)   (for public-inbox-watch/public-inbox-mda)

Optional Perl modules:

  - Plack[1]                   libplack-perl
  - URI::Escape[1]             liburi-perl
  - Search::Xapian[2][3]       libsearch-xapian-perl
  - IO::Compress::Gzip[3]      perl-modules (or libio-compress-perl)
  - DBI[3]                     libdbi-perl
  - DBD::SQLite[2][3]          libdbd-sqlite3-perl
  - Danga::Socket[4]           libdanga-socket-perl
  - Net::Server[5]             libnet-server-perl
  - Filesys::Notify::Simple[6] libfilesys-notify-simple-perl

[1] - Optional, needed for serving/generating Atom and HTML pages
[2] - Optional, only required for NNTP server
[3] - Optional, needed for gzipped mbox support over HTTP
[4] - Optional, needed for bundled HTTP and NNTP servers
[5] - Optional, needed for standalone daemonization of HTTP+NNTP servers
[6] - Optional, needed for public-inbox-watch Maildir watcher

When installing Search::Xapian, make sure the underlying Xapian
installation is not affected by an index corruption bug:

For Debian 8.x (jessie), this means using Debian 8.5 or later.

public-inbox will never store unregeneratable data in Xapian
or any other search database we might use; Xapian corruption
will not destroy critical data.


Copyright 2013-2016 all contributors <>
License: AGPL-3.0+ <>