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2020-04-15dskqxs: ignore EV_SET errors on EVFILT_WRITE
2020-04-15testcommon: DESTROY: wait for killed daemon
2020-04-09triewyde: ficks soem speling errrors
2020-04-09tests: document run_mode=1 as not implemented
2020-04-07view: do not redundantly obfuscate addresses
2020-04-07portability: constants for NetBSD
2020-04-05git: reduce stat buffer storage overhead
2020-04-05mbox: halve ->getline "context switches"
2020-04-05release large (non ref) scalars using `undef $sv'
2020-04-05wwwstatic: set "Vary: Accept-Encoding" in static gzip response
2020-04-04view: inline flush_quote sub
2020-04-04viewdiff: reduce sub parameter count
2020-04-04view: dedupe_subject: allow "0" as a valid Subject
2020-04-04view: use defined-or operator to simplify checks
2020-04-04view: note we assume UTF-8 on unknown encodings
2020-04-04inboxwritable: fix From_ line unescaping
2020-04-03quiet "Complex regular subexpression recursion limit" warnings
2020-04-03view: handle the topic-free case properly
2020-04-02nntp: allow multiple spaces or tabs to delimit args
2020-04-02mid: add $MID_EXTRACT regexp for export
2020-04-02searchidx: v1: skip mid_clean on mid_mime results
2020-04-02smsg: inline _extract_mid functionality
2020-03-31v2writable: index Message-IDs w/ spaces properly
2020-03-30viewvcs: stream_blob_parse_hdr: fix BIN_DETECT retries
2020-03-30qspawn: capture errors from parse_hdr callback
2020-03-30wwwstream::oneshot => html_oneshot
2020-03-29index: support --compact / -c on command-line
2020-03-29searchidxshard: ensure we set indexlevel on shard[0]
2020-03-29config: Honor gitconfig includes
2020-03-26wwwaltid: inform users to use POST instead of GET
2020-03-26wwwtext: show altid instructions in config
2020-03-26inbox: altid_map becomes a method
2020-03-25www: add endpoint to retrieve altid dumps
2020-03-25altid: warn about non-word prefixes
2020-03-25wwwtext: show thread endpoint w/ indexlevel=basic
2020-03-25search: clobber -user_pfx on query parser initialization
2020-03-25qspawn: handle ENOENT (and other errors on exec)
2020-03-25mbox: need_gzip uses WwwStream::oneshot
2020-03-25wwwstream: oneshot sets content-length
2020-03-25extmsg: use WwwResponse::oneshot
2020-03-25wwwstream: introduce oneshot API to avoid ->getline
2020-03-25gzipfilter: lazy allocate the deflate context
2020-03-25qspawn: reinstate filter support, add gzip filter
2020-03-24daemon: unlink .oldbin PID file correctly
2020-03-24daemon: fix SIGUSR2 upgrade with -W0 (no workers)
2020-03-22v2: SDBM-based multi Message-ID queue
2020-03-22*idx: pass smsg in even more places
2020-03-22v2: pass smsg in more places
2020-03-22*idx: pass $smsg in more places instead of many args
2020-03-22overidx: parse_references: less error-prone args