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2020-04-13doc: add technical/whyperl
2020-04-13doc: start reproducibility document
2020-04-12doc: escape internal ">" in listid code snippet
2020-04-01doc: update notes and HACKING ahead of 1.4 release
2020-03-29index: support --compact / -c on command-line
2020-03-22rename PublicInbox::SearchMsg => PublicInbox::Smsg
2020-03-20doc: standards: add references to RFC 5322 (and RFC 822)
2020-03-01doc: design_www: document offline friendliness
2020-02-27doc: 1.4.0 release notes update
2020-02-24doc: technical: document data structures
2020-02-23doc: improve wording of "inbox" vs "repository"
2020-02-17doc: design_www: document solver endpoint
2020-02-09doc: update v1.3.0.eml with actual headers, start v1.4.0
2020-02-10public-inbox 1.3.0 v1.3.0
2020-02-08doc: more 1.3.0 release notes updates
2020-02-08doc: mark some TODO items as done
2020-02-08doc: update copyright for standards.perl
2020-02-06treewide: run update-copyrights from gnulib for 2019
2020-02-06doc: v1: add a reference to git-filter-repo(1), too
2020-02-06doc: txt2pre: auto-linkify manpage references
2020-02-06doc: remove .x/ subdirectory for Xapian manpages
2020-02-06doc: add data flow diagram using Graph::Easy
2020-02-04doc: recommend -compact after --reindex
2020-02-04doc: spellling fixes for manpages
2020-02-02doc: -convert: document switches
2020-02-01doc: more 1.3.0 release notes updates
2020-01-25spelling: favor `publicly' over `publically'
2020-01-25doc: avoid needless rebuilds of NEWS
2020-01-19doc: some 1.3.0 release notes updates
2020-01-11doc: technical/ds.txt: describe PublicInbox::DS divergences
2020-01-02doc: fix a few spelling errors in user-facing docs
2020-01-02doc/txt2pre: flush output before utime()
2020-01-02doc: release notes: set Date for 1.2.0, start 1.3.0
2020-01-02build: remove NEWS from dist-git target
2020-01-02doc: allow NEWS file to be built without Plack::Util
2019-12-11build: support doc generation w/o GNU make
2019-12-11tests: don't repeatly validate NEWS.atom
2019-11-15doc: check-man: save the result of successful runs
2019-11-14doc: mknews: support Email::MIME <1.930
2019-11-09doc: drop a repeated word
2019-11-08doc: actually document publicinboxwatch.watchspam
2019-11-03public-inbox v1.2.0 v1.2.0
2019-11-03build: add "git-dist" target for making gzipped tarballs
2019-11-03doc: mknews: force plain-text NEWS to UTF-8
2019-11-03doc: add public-inbox.cgi(1) manpage
2019-11-02doc: add public-inbox-purge(1) manpage
2019-10-30doc: add public-inbox-learn(1) manpage
2019-10-22doc: clean-doc: remove generated standards.txt
2019-10-21doc: update 1.2 work-in-progress release notes