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2018-05-09public-inbox 1.1.0-pre1 v1.1.0-pre1
2018-05-02scripts/import_slrnspool: cleanup progress messages
2018-05-02scripts/import_slrnspool: support v2 repos
2018-05-01searchidx: preserve umask when starting/committing transactions
2018-04-25thread: sort incoming messages by Date
2018-04-25thread: prevent hidden threads in /$INBOX/ landing page
2018-04-24msgmap: add limit to response for NNTP
2018-04-23search: avoid repeated mbox results from search
2018-04-23searchview: do not blindly append "l" parameter to URL
2018-04-23TODO: add EPOLLEXCLUSIVE item
2018-04-23view: drop redundant References: display code
2018-04-23view: wrap To: and Cc: headers in HTML display
2018-04-23view: untangle loop when showing message headers
2018-04-22extmsg: use Xapian only for partial matches
2018-04-20convert: copy description and git config from v1 repo
2018-04-20searchidx: remove leftover debugging code
2018-04-20searchidx: release lock again during v1 batch callback
2018-04-20disallow "\t" and "\n" in OVER headers
2018-04-20import: cleanup git cat-file processes when ->done
2018-04-19filter/rubylang: do not set altid on spam training
2018-04-19TODO: a few more updates
2018-04-19fix tests to run without Xapian installed
2018-04-18ensure SQLite and Xapian files respect core.sharedRepository
2018-04-18Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into v2
2018-04-18searchidx: revert default BATCH_BYTES to 1_000_000
2018-04-18nntp: allow and ignore empty commands
2018-04-18searchidx: increase term positions for all text terms
2018-04-18use %H consistently to disable abbreviations
2018-04-18extmsg: remove expensive git path checks
2018-04-18searchidx: regenerate and avoid article number gaps on full index
2018-04-18import: cat_blob drops leading 'From ' lines like Inbox
2018-04-18v2: improve deduplication checks
2018-04-18v2: generate better Message-IDs for duplicates
2018-04-18search: preserve References in Xapian smsg for x=t view
2018-04-18v2writable: reduce partititions by one
2018-04-18compact: do not merge v2 repos by default
2018-04-18v1: remove articles from overview DB
2018-04-18feed: respect feedmax, again
2018-04-07msgmap: speed up minmax with separate queries
2018-04-07store less data in the Xapian document
2018-04-07convert: support converting with altid defined
2018-04-07index: allow specifying --jobs=0 to disable multiprocess
2018-04-07v2writable: reduce barriers
2018-04-07over: remove forked subprocess
2018-04-07over: avoid excessive SELECT
2018-04-07psgi: ensure /$INBOX/$MESSAGE_ID/T/ endpoint is chronological
2018-04-06ensure Xapian and SQLite are still optional for v1 tests
2018-04-06www: favor reading more from SQLite, and less from Xapian
2018-04-06nntp: set Xref across multiple inboxes
2018-04-06altid: fix miscopied field name