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2023-09-30git: fix unused code path for cat-file stderr reset HEAD master
2023-09-29git: calculate MAX_INFLIGHT properly in Perl
2023-09-28lei: don't gzip --rsyncable by default for mbox*
2023-09-28spawn: add popen_wr support
2023-09-28convert: use ProcessPipe with popen_rd
2023-09-26spawn: add run_wait to simplify spawn+waitpid use
2023-09-26spamcheck/spamc: rely on ProcessPipe instead of waitpid
2023-09-26fetch: fix missing chdir arg for error reporting
2023-09-26lei_blob: use ProcessPipe to eliminate a waitpid call
2023-09-26auto_reap: waitpid never returns undef
2023-09-26ds: awaitpid: Perl waitpid retries on EINTR automatically
2023-09-26xt/mem-nntpd-tls: drop :epoll import tag use
2023-09-25tests: add quit_waiter_pipe and wait_for_eof
2023-09-25ds: force event_loop wakeup on final child death
2023-09-24xap_helper.h: add missing headers and avoid reallocarray
2023-09-24lei: use scalar %SIG assignment
2023-09-24install/deps: fix RPM installation of some packages
2023-09-24test_common: force IPv4 with pre-IPv6 Net::POP3
2023-09-24syscall: fix valgrind error in pure Perl send_cmd4
2023-09-24syscall: have `vec' operate on bytes directly
2023-09-24ipc: recv_cmd4 clobbers destination buffer on errors
2023-09-24lei_self_socket: drop unused deps and code
2023-09-24t/cmd_ipc: assume SOCK_SEQPACKET
2023-09-24test_common: fixes for TEST_RUN_MODE=0
2023-09-24config: drop scalar ref support from internal API
2023-09-24lei: fix `-c NAME=VALUE' config support
2023-09-24lei config: send `git config' errors to pager
2023-09-24config: handle key-only entries as booleans
2023-09-24lei view_text: used tied ProcessPipe for `git config'
2023-09-24lei: check git-config(1) failures
2023-09-22lei: use File::Temp for listing saved searches
2023-09-22lei_to_mail: drop awkward duplication of $lei object
2023-09-22lei: improve ->fail internal API
2023-09-22lei blob|rediff: fix usage of lei->fail
2023-09-22t/lei-mirror: avoid make(1) jobserver warning
2023-09-22pop3: support initial_limit parameter in mailbox name
2023-09-20makefile: avoid non-POSIX which(1)
2023-09-20install/deps: more fixes
2023-09-20pop3d: split @FLOCK into $FLOCK_TMPL and @FLOCK_ORDER
2023-09-20makefile: avoid needless use of double-colon rules
2023-09-20rename t/run.perl to xt/check-run
2023-09-20ipc: assume SOCK_SEQPACKET exists
2023-09-20drop GNU nproc(1) support in favor of getconf(1)
2023-09-20ci/run: favor `make check' as the default target
2023-09-18devel/sysdefs-list: cleanup and make partially eval-able
2023-09-16xap_helper: test cleanup + throw support in C++
2023-09-16install/deps: flesh out libgit2, SQLite, and Xapian packages
2023-09-16Makefile: add `check-debris' target
2023-09-16lei q: set exit code for invalid Xapian queries
2023-09-16www_coderepo: use space for snapshot_fmt prefix