PUBLIC-INBOX-FETCH(1)      public-inbox user manual      PUBLIC-INBOX-FETCH(1)

       public-inbox-fetch - "git fetch" wrapper for v2 inbox mirrors

       public-inbox-fetch [--exit-code] -C INBOX_DIR

       public-inbox-fetch updates git storage of public-inbox mirrors.  With
       v2 inboxes, it allows detection of new epochs and avoids unnecessary
       traffic on old epochs.

       public-inbox-fetch does not use nor require any configuration files of
       its own.

       It does not run public-inbox-index(1), making it suitable for
       maintaining git-only backups.

       For v2 inboxes, it will maintain "$INBOX_DIR/manifest.js.gz" file to
       speed up future invocations.  It always safe to remove manifest.js.gz,
       it is merely an optimization and will be restored on the next

       To prevent fetches on any v2 epoch, use chmod(1) to remove write
       permissions to the top-level of the epoch.  For example, to disable
       fetches on epoch 4:

               chmod a-w $INBOX_DIR/git/4.git

       If you wish to re-enable fetches to the epoch:

               chmod u+w $INBOX_DIR/git/4.git

           Quiets down progress messages, also passed to git-fetch(1).

       -T REMOTE
       --try-remote REMOTE
           Try a given remote name instead of "origin" or "_grokmirror".  May
           be specified more than once.

           Default: "origin", "_grokmirror"

           Exit with 127 if no updates are done.  This can be used in shell
           scripts to avoid invoking public-inbox-index(1) when there are no

                   public-inbox-fetch -q --exit-code && public-inbox-index
                   test $? -eq 0 || exit $?

           Increases verbosity, also passed to git-fetch(1).

           Whether to wrap git(1) and curl(1) commands with torsocks(1).

           Default: "auto"

       127 no updates when "--exit-code" is used above

       public-inbox-fetch will also exit with curl "EXIT CODES" in curl(1) as
       documented in the curl(1) manpage (e.g. 7 when curl cannot reach a
       host).  Likewise, git-fetch(1) failures are also propagated to the

       Feedback welcome via plain-text mail to <>

       The mail archives are hosted at <> and

       Copyright all contributors <>

       License: AGPL-3.0+ <>

       public-inbox-index(1), curl(1)

public-inbox.git                  1993-10-02             PUBLIC-INBOX-FETCH(1)