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From: Eric Wong <>
To: Konstantin Ryabitsev <>
Subject: Re: how's memory usage on public-inbox-httpd?
Date: Tue, 22 Oct 2019 19:11:44 +0000
Message-ID: <20191022191144.GB697@dcvr> (raw)
In-Reply-To: <20191022172830.GB4960@chatter.i7.local>

Konstantin Ryabitsev <> wrote:
> On Sat, Oct 19, 2019 at 12:11:44AM +0000, Eric Wong wrote:
> >> It's been definitely dramatically better. We keep adding lists to 
> >> lore, so I
> >> haven't really been able to watch memory usage after a long period of daemon
> >> uptime, but it's never really gone very much above 1GB. In fact, we're
> >> downgrading lore to a smaller instance in the near future since we don't
> >> need to worry about running out of RAM any more.
> >
> >Cool, but 1GB is still an order of magnitude worse that what
> >I'd expect :<   I remember Email::MIME had huge explosions with
> >some 30MB+ spam messages:
> >
> >  (maybe gmime can help)
> >
> >Depending on your storage speed/latency, more RAM can still help
> >significantly with Xapian.  The NVME stuff has amazing numbers,
> >but my mobos are too old and I'm still stuck on SATA 2.
> My goal is to rework significantly. Currently, it's a 
> single system hosted at AWS that both receives mail and serves the 
> archives, but I would actually like to split it into two:
> - the archiver that just generates git repositories but serves no 
>   traffic (probably running directly on
> - several front-ends that replicate repositories from the archiver and 
>   provide http/nntp access, probably reusing 
>   nodes that run from us-west, us-east, eu-west and ap-east.
> That should provide both redundancy and better geographic availability 
> of the service. This requires some testing first to ensure that 
> grokmirror hooks and reindexing works reliably for replicated repo 
> collections.

Yeah, I noticed some mirror indexing bugs at:

But patches 4/3 and 5/3 seem to be doing everything right and
I expect the series to be merged soon.

I'm also planning to dogfood a mirror of lore off some of my
.onions, soon.

> >Is nntpd better?  That only uses Email::Simple and not MIME;
> >so less explosions.
> The number of people using nntp is several orders of magnitude lower, so 
> I'm not sure it's a good metric for anything.

Hopefully nntp usage goes up over time.

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