LEI(1)                     public-inbox user manual                     LEI(1)

       lei - local email interface

       lei [OPTIONS] COMMAND

       lei is a command-line tool for importing and searching email,
       regardless of whether it is from a personal mailbox or a public-inbox.
       lei supports a local, writable store built on top of
       public-inbox-v2-format(5) and public-inbox-extindex(1).  lei-q(1)
       provides an interface for querying messages across the lei store and
       read-only local and remote "externals" (inboxes and external indices).

       Warning: lei is still in its early stages and may destroy mail.  Be
       sure to have backups of destinations lei writes to.

       Available in public-inbox 1.7.0+.

       -c NAME=VALUE
           Override configuration "NAME" to "VALUE".

       -C DIR
           Change current working directory to the specified directory before
           running the command.  This option can be given before or after
           "COMMAND" and is accepted by all lei subcommands except

       Subcommands for initializing and managing local, writable storage:

       •   lei-init(1)

       •   lei-import(1)

       •   lei-tag(1)

       The following subcommands can be used to manage and inspect external

       •   lei-add-external(1)

       •   lei-forget-external(1)

       •   lei-ls-external(1)

       Subcommands related to searching and inspecting messages from the lei
       store and configured externals are

       •   lei-blob(1)

       •   lei-config(1)

       •   lei-edit-search(1)

       •   lei-forget-search(1)

       •   lei-lcat(1)

       •   lei-ls-search(1)

       •   lei-p2q(1)

       •   lei-q(1)

       •   lei-rediff(1)

       •   lei-up(1)

       Other subcommands include

       •   lei-add-watch(1)

       •   lei-config(1)

       •   lei-convert(1)

       •   lei-daemon-kill(1)

       •   lei-daemon-pid(1)

       •   lei-forget-mail-sync(1)

       •   lei-mail-diff(1)

       •   lei-inspect(1)

       •   lei-ls-label(1)

       •   lei-ls-mail-source(1)

       •   lei-ls-mail-sync(1)

       •   lei-ls-watch(1)

       •   lei-rm-watch(1)

       By default storage is located at "$XDG_DATA_HOME/lei/store".  The
       configuration for lei resides at "$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/lei/config".

       Errors and dianostics for interactive commands are reported to stderr.
       Some errors for background tasks are emitted via syslog(3) as
       lei-daemon(8) for the top-level daemon, and "lei/store" for the
       lei-store-format(5) worker.

       Feedback welcome via plain-text mail to <mailto:meta@public-inbox.org>

       The mail archives are hosted at <https://public-inbox.org/meta/> and

       Copyright all contributors <mailto:meta@public-inbox.org>

       License: AGPL-3.0+ <https://www.gnu.org/licenses/agpl-3.0.txt>

       lei-overview(7), lei-daemon(8)

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